Potential uses for the Market House – your views

by | Feb 6, 2017

In 2014 we asked for ideas about how the space could be used

– here is your feedback

Potential uses for the Market House

Tourist Information Centre (many requested this)

Community meeting space

Community Hall. Use old town hall with kitchen off.

Studios/Workshops etc

Indoor Market

Farmers Market

Local produce market

Boutique Shops

Quaint/Bespoke shops

Gallery / Exhibition Space

Café upstairs

Good Eateries

Wine Bar/Restaurant


Café / Bistro

Coffee shop as you enter

Use mezzanine as tea shop

Music venue

More museum space

Your marketing and community involvement ideas

Re-enactment markets in costume

Specific market stalls on a Saturday

Art Exhibitions for College and local artists



Products to suit the younger generation

Church would be interested in using some of the space

Live music, Concerts, Theatre

Open up part of the front to have an open café

Perspex cube 3m x3m x3m for viewing roof

Art & Craft workshops

Use Town Hall for car boot and fairs.

Involve universities and design students in the repair

Extensive advertising & promotion

How we should change the building

Painted all white with good lighting

Disability access to all areas with lift

Toilets for the public

Decent lighting indoors, with signs, flags & banners.


These comments were all fed into the feasibility work done during 2016

In January 2017 we asked for your views on the plans – here is your feedback

Tuesday 17th January


Workshop hubs / office space / promotion and funding.

Wedding Venue (opposite church) & Museum / Food

Allow people to use car park in North Street move permit holders

A mini Covent Garden with Pianist please

Tea dance for locals and visitors especially on a rainy afternoon

Piazza atmosphere with delicatessen/coffees & teas/flowers/fruit/fresh produce

Wedding receptions / public meetings

A focal point to promote St Austell Heritage

Cultural use ie: music, art, dance, operatic song etc.

From the Town Council – we are fully behind the Market House – Deputy Mayor Jenny Stewart, St Austell Town Council.

Great project, exactly what St Austell needs.

Be great to make it happen

Museum 2010 onwards 7 years a St Austell success story 3,000 visitors Easter – October.

Looking forward to a bright future

A great project, fully support. Good luck

Looks great, lets hope it comes off.

Great wedding venue – people always looking for something different.

Holy Trinity – fully supportive of this scheme.

Roll on the changes can’t wait.

The Town Museum needs to be catered for.

Museum a must, bigger area please 7 years on.

Great to see a chance for the Market House to come back to life, fully support.

Fantastic project, hope it all comes off a real plus for St Austell.

Saturday 21st January


Multi Culture food court / Museum space /Music

Great stuff


Great ideas lots of work needed St Austell people need to get behind this to make it work.

Exciting ideas well done, but if the advertising for this event is indicative then you need new marketing people.

Super vision I hope it works.

I don’t always want to go to Truro and like to do my shopping in walking distance. Don’t trust internet orders go wrong and sizing of clothes not good.

Problem with Wheal Martin no buses available.


Well done all what a vision – good luck with everything – not sure about first floor plan.

Why toilets next to catering.

Sounds great / keep it up / need more shops in town including M & S fresh foods. Its so awkward travelling by bus to out of town stores.


Nice to see some action on the Market House at last and good ideas proposed.

The building certainly needs restoration and there are some great ideas for access and use of the Town Hall. It would be a real shame to lose great youth / young adult engagement of the gaming store events though. I cant see much engagement for young people in the current plans.

Some excellent ideas – lets hope the people of St Austell get behind it.

What do the existing Tenants think of the plans – Have they been included?

I am extremely concerned that the current Town Museum – including Police Cells – seems to have disappeared. Having already lost the old Police Station in High Cross Street these must be preserved.

I think it is a bad idea this building is historic if you rebuild it wont be historic and the people who have made these shops and have made people happy.

This is not a good idea

Since St A. decline we have seen a few false starts. A good vision effort and plan. Credible people involved. The work must be real (not talk) and the effort must be made sustainable.

Great vision, hope it soon becomes reality.

St Austell deserves a revival, all the individual steps add up. Well done.

Thank you for all of the feedback we have received – we take it all on board.

If you have any further comments please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find our contact information here.


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